Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apocalypse Eventually

So, contrary to the pleadings of a San Diego baseball fan, Stephen Strasburg will not make his major league debut in San Diego this weekend.

I don't give a darn about San Diego and their hopes to see Strasburg debut in his hometown. And it's probably a good thing the Nats would avoid the PR backlash of debuting him on the road when tickets to the June 4th game are selling briskly.


We're trying to win ballgames here. It's an inexact science to try to game the Super Two system in advance, but the Nats would likely clear that hurdle the this week with Strasburg. And if you are trying to ease his entry to The Show, it is undeniable that San Diego would be a friendly debut environment.

I understand wanting to see him first at home. But if J.D. Martin gets his head bashed in at Petco and that game ends up mattering somehow - I suspect we'll all agree that we would have all gotten over not seeing Strasburg debut in D.C.

1 comment:

  1. San Diego wants something from us? Then I want somebody to go back to 2005 and kneecap Khalil Greene.

    Speaking as a June 4th ticketholder, I would not have gotten over not seeing Strasburg debut in DC.