Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photobombing the Draft

Somewhat lost in the hype for that guy who apparently can pitch pretty good, the Nats drafted 50 players this week. For actual real coverage, you know where to go.

But since a majority of these guys are unknown to the average fan, there are pictures of all 50 draftees after the jump.

Bryce Harper, C-OF, JC of Southern Nevada

Sammy Solis, LHP, San Diego

Rick Hague, SS, Rice

A.J. Cole, RHS, Oviedo HS, Winter Springs, Fla.

Jason Martinson, SS, Texas State

Cole Leonida, C, Georgia Tech

Kevin Keyes, RF, Texas

Matthew Grace, LHS, UCLA

Aaron Barrett, RHS, Mississippi

Blake Kelso, SS, Houston

Neil Holland, RHR, Louisville

Robbie Ray, LHS, Brentwood (Tenn.) HS

Christopher McKenzie, RHS, San Jacinto College

Timothy Smalling, SS, Virginia Tech

David Freitas, C, Hawaii

Mark Herrera, RHR, San Jacinto College

Tyler Hanks, RHR, JC Southern Nevada

Justin Miller, 2B, Middle Tennessee

Wade Moore, CF, Catawba

Chad Mozingo, RF, Rice

Connor Rowe, CF, Texas

Cameron Selik, RHS, Kansas

Colin Bates, RHS, North Carolina

Russell Moldenhauer, DH, Texas

Christian Meza, LHS, Santa Ana College

Christopher Manno, LHS, Duke

Sean Hoelscher, RHS, Texas A&M

Joey Rapp, RF, Chipola JC

Rick Hughes, RF, Marin CC

Timothy Kiene, 1B, Avon Old Farms School, South Windsor, Conn.

Jeremy Mayo, C, Texas Tech

Randolph Oduber, LF, Western Oklahoma State

Ryan Sherriff, LHS, West Los Angeles

Rolando Botello, RHS, John Jay HS, San Antonio

Robert "Tyler" Oliver, 1B, Wabash Valley College

Wander Nunez, RF, Western Oklahoma State

Nick Serino, LHS, Massachusetts

Nick Lee, LHS, Weatherford

John Simms, RHS, The Woodlands (Texas) College Park HS

Alex Diaz, SS, John A. Ferguson School, Miami

Kevin Cahill, RHR, Purdue U.

Taylor Stark, 2B, Northwest Rankin HS, Flowood, Miss.

Corey Littrell, LHS, Trinity HS, Louisville, Ky.

Bryce Hines, RHS, Hanahan (S.C.) HS

Jeffrey Bouton, RF, John T. Hoggard HS, Wilmington, N.C.

Erick Fernandez, C, Georgetown

David Jarreld, CF, Goodpasture Christian School, Nashville, Tenn.

Brandon Miller, C, Northwest Florida State

Dimetrius "Rashad" Hatcher, CF, Patrick Henry CC

Harris Fanaroff, LHS, Winston Churchill HS, Potomac, Md.


  1. did we really draft 100% white players?

  2. Rocket - Nice to see you haven't lost your touch.

    Stephen - Kevin Keyes (RF, Texas) would like a word with you.

  3. As would Messrs. Hatcher and Cahill.